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Right Search Consultants (RSC) makes every possible attempt to fulfill the job requirements of employers and applicants. It acts as a bridge between employer and prospective employees. Our team members believe; and ensure that the applicants are fully aware about the position and job responsibilities in the organization they are applying for; which in turn also helps the organization in getting quality candidates with minimal effort, thus saving organization's precious time.
The activities involved during the Placement process in Right Search Consultants include:
  Screening of applicant's resume;
  Preliminary interview with the short listed applicant;
  SWOT Analysis;
  Briefing about the prospective organization, position & job responsibilities;
  Arranging for the final-interview for the prospective candidates;
  It is the contact established between applicants and prospective employees; "the agency provided placement services" ("The Free   Dictionary" by FARLEX)
  The assignment of a person to a suitable place, as in a job (Webster Dictionary)
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